Your pet’s skin is not only their largest organ, but is also the most exposed organ to the elements. This means your pet is likely to deal with a skin-related health issue at least once in their lifetime. This could be caused by irritants like allergies or external parasites. Though it’s tempting to use at-home remedies to treat your pet’s skin, our veterinary team are the best people to treat them. 

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What dermatology services do you offer? 

The goal of our dermatology services is to treat and diagnose all your pet’s skin-related issues. Based on your pet’s specific skin concern, we’ll recommend a range of diagnostics including in-house cytology, intradermal skin testing, immunotherapy and nutritional consulting. Your furry friend’s medical history and environment gives us insights into the root cause of their skin ailments. After we’ve pieced together all the factors contributing to skin conditions, we recommend the most effective treatment. Some conditions we treat include allergies, ear infections, fungal and bacterial infections, hot spots, and external parasites, such as mites or lice.

What is intradermal testing? 

If your pet has environmental allergies, intradermal skin testing (IDST) helps us determine the specific airborne allergens impacting their health. We perform this testing with a low dosage of sedative, to ensure your pet experiences as little pain and irritation as possible. The process typically takes around an hour. If you’re interested in intradermal testing for your furry family member, please contact us at 403-938-4171.

How does immunotherapy help my pet’s allergies?

Immunotherapy not only treats but can help prevent your pet’s environmental allergies. Doses of antigens that trigger your pet are administered overtime. The goal is to increase dosages to build your pet’s immune system’s ability to fight against the environmental irritant. Instead of using medication to treat their allergies, your pet’s immune system is strengthened to build up a resistance. 

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